NFA Gun Trust

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National Firearms Act NFA Gun Trust – Approved for use in all 50 States

This product is delivered online. There is a fillable NFA Gun Trust form on the checkout page. Your National Firearms Act NFA Gun Trust will be delivered to your email address within 5 minutes of purchase and reviewed by our team to ensure that your trust is compliant with the current ATF regulations.  Fast, Simple, Easy.  Buy Today! 

Once purchased you will be able to fill in the required information for your NFA gun trust. Once this is completed we will email you your completed NFA gun trust to the email provided and samples of how to fill out the paperwork. The only requirement on your end is to get the gun trust paperwork notarized and witnessed where mentioned in the document.  We have a fully customizable revocable NFA Gun Trust for you to legally purchase NFA firearms and guns with. Which include firearms like, pre-1986 fully automatic firearms, silencers, short barrel rifles, a.k.a. SBR rifles and more.

Not only does the NFA gun trust allow you to purchase the above class 3/title 2 weapons legally, you can also legally pass down these weapons to the successors you name in your trust. This is a great way to build a firearm and gun collection that can be passed down through the generations.

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Personalized and Custom Legal NFA Gun Trusts.  Instant ATF approved NFA Gun Trusts are delivered to you in a .PDF format in less than 5 minutes.  Drafted and reviewed with the expertise of a firearms attorney, our NFA Gun Trusts are in compliance with all federal and state laws and are accepted in all 50 states.  Simply fill out the payment form and upon completion you will be directed to our form to fill out the details of your custom NFA Gun Trust. Once completed the ATF approved NFA Gun Trust will be instantly emailed to the email account you specify.

 All of our NFA Gun Trusts Include the following:

  • FREE Rush Service. All NFA Gun Trusts are delivered in less than 5 minutes.
  • FREE changes can be made to the NFA Gun Trust for Life, no hidden costs.
  • Includes Trust Contribution Form, a.k.a., Memorandum of Contribution.
  • Our NFA Gun Trusts are ATF 41F Compliant
  • Includes FREE Certification of Trust.
  • No Limit on the Amount of NFA Firearms that can be transferred into the NFA Gun Trust, unlike Single Shot Trusts †
  • Beneficiaries Can Serve Concurrently or in Succession
  • No Annual Fees Involved with Your NFA Gun Trust
  • Usable and Approved for use in all 50 States and State Specific.
  • No Limit on your Co-Trustees – Multiple Co-Trustees, Multiple Beneficiaries.
  • NFA Gun Trust Amendments are included to add/remove co-trustees, etc.
  • 24 Month NFA Gun Trust Approval Guarantee.
  • No CLEO Signatures Required
  • Can be used for non-NFA item collections too.


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