• LiveScan Fingerprints

Live scan fingerprinting is the process of capturing fingerprints electronically with our advanced Live Scan machine. With Live Scan fingerprinting, there is no ink or card. Your fingerprints are “rolled” across a glass plate and scanned. It is faster, cleaner and more accurate than the old ink and roll method.

A percentage of the population have difficult to read fingerprints, which can be affected by age or exposure to certain types of work such as construction or from prolonged exposure to various chemicals. Our state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained staff are able to maximize the quality of fingerprint images obtained, which reduces the likelihood of illegible fingerprints and will reduce the overall application processing time. The fingerprints are then submitted to the specific state or federal agency to process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Live scan is fingerprinting done electronically performed for an agency or an individual to receive a background check from the DOJ and FBI.

-The Live Scan process is a quick and Easy. The requesting agency provides the applicant with a Request For Live Scan Service Form.
The applicant then takes the form along with proper identification to the nearest live scan location to get fingerprinted via live scan, Or in this case we come to you!

-This is then sent to the DOJ, FBI or both to be processed.
-The DOJ then sends the results to the requesting agency only.

You can check the status of your LiveScan on the Department of Justice Applicant Status Check website: https://applicantstatus.doj.ca.gov/checkstatus This will let you know if it is still processing , or if it has been completed. You will need your date of birth,  and ATI number. The ATI number should be located at the bottom of the LiveScan form you received after you did LiveScan.

The requesting agency should provide you with a “Request for LiveScan Service Form”. You will need to fill that out, and you will also need to bring a primary form of I.D. such as a Driver’s license, Passport or a FL ID

Multiple types of individuals are required by the State of Florida and Federal Governments to get LiveScan, including (but not limited to): Realtors, Licensed DMV Professionals,  Foster Parents, Teachers, Appraisers,  Stockbrokers, Contractors, Nurses, Doctors, Surgeons, Security guards, Volunteers, and Lawyers, Notaries, Caegivers

Live Scan is an important background check that you should be aware of. Live Scan is a form of background check required by the state and federal governments; typically for state-issued licenses, employment, or volunteer work. It is also often required for (but not limited to) people who work or volunteer in positions of trust for populations such as vulnerable citizenry, the elderly, dependent adults and children.

. The government uses this procedure for checking submitted fingerprints against their database, which will show whether someone has ever been arrested before

in 1997 Legislation passed a bill, and the Department of Justice (DOJ) introduced a new automated background check process that requires digitized fingerprints (LiveScan), enabling the electronic transfer of fingerprint images to the DOJ. The time and money saved by doing this electronically transfers makes it all worth it!