TiON Dragoon 7.62 QD Mini Black Cerakote


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TiON Inc. is proud to introduce the revolutionary Dragoon Quick Detach (QD). They all utilize Total Breakdown Technology (TBT).  The 7.62 Models are optimized for .300 Blackout (Subsonic & Supersonic) and .308 Win. Although not optimized for the BIG .30 loads it is durable enough to handle .300PRC, .300Win Mag, .300 Weatherby Mag and 7mm RUM loads.

In a market where heavy, welded, non-serviceable designs are the norm; the Mini Dragoons distinguish themselves with an all-Titanium takedown design. The TiON Design with TBT allows the user to remove, clean and service ALL Components.

Dragoon® Mini Features

  • The Dragoon Mini Suppressors are machined from a solid Titanium Bar Stock eliminating any weld failure points creating an extremely durable and light weight suppressor that can be serviced down to the piece parts.
  • Our QD design allows for one handed 2 second mounting/removal and achieves total repeatability of shot group. This QD design, and smallest suppressor diameter in the industry, facilitates sliding under many metal firearm foreends with short barrels for fast attachment without the need to have a removable foreend section.
  • Five QD mounts and muzzle break/mounts are available in 1/2X28, 5/8X24 and 9/16X24 threads.
  • All our mounts are Titanium adding to the unsurpassed light weight of the suppressor. As with all our Dragoon QD models a mount of your choice is included.


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